Scrappy Braids for Auction

I made this quilt from scraps. Every year at about this time I clean out my Jelly roll bin. It’s the one bin that I have that consistently fills up.


2.5 inch cuts are just very popular between bindings, patterns and borders….that bin is always being filled. So it’s good to come up with ideas to use them. every year I change it up.

There was Scrappy Vomit, Here.

In 2014 I sent them off to a friend to get a few tops made…and they just arrived (perfect timing) so I will take pictures and show you what they are currently.


InΒ  2015 I made a jelly race…and I am trying to think of what else I did? It’s not coming to me. I usually only make Jelly races after I have completed something else. A Jelly race us usually my last option once I have tried other things and the pieces are small. Thsi year I didn’t even have enough for a jelly race because I made 3 projects from them.

This is the first one.


This one used up all of my more “traditional” fabrics. Not all of them are traditional ….but to fatten up the pile I did add some of my other ones that I thought could blend in make this quilt.

So I also make this braid in a traditional way….framing it in with black and then providing borders.

I quilted each braid with continuous curves, loops and framed it all in with a feather.

003This is going to be auctioned off. I have a friend who has a son with Hemophilia. He attends a school with the same diagnosis. So they have an auction every year to help raise funds for this cause. She asked if I would donate a quilt and this fits the bill. So I finished it up just in time for Beth to bind and hand it off. πŸ™‚ ( that’s amazing in itself that I finished in time).

005 006

I went to a quilt show a few months back and bought tons of fabric for pennies on the dollar…..I got plenty of cuts to be used for quilt backs…so I was able to put some of that to good use.


Thanks for looking! I have a few more Jelly roll projects to show! I have lots of pictures to show of customer quilts as well. πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to show you the one on the frame right now…it’s stunning!



6 thoughts on “Scrappy Braids for Auction

  1. I really like the scrappy braid quilts in the pictures. Inspite of it being scrappy, there is “order” to it and the quilting complements very well. Very beautiful. kcs

  2. You are amazing! I wish we lived next door to one another!

    You are amazing. I wish we lived next door to one another! Blessings, dear one.


  3. I love this one! Might be from scappies….but it made me think about doing this same thing! You give me so many ideas….and time is a’wasteing!

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