Scrappy 9 Patches

I have shown this quilt before…as a flimsy.IMG_9503

Due to the pictures I took of it before I saw a block that had to be I did do some ripping & re-sewing before putting it on the frame this week. Sometimes a picture can help you see those little errors. 🙂IMG_9504

I traded a bunch of scrappy 9 patches with a  friend a few years back and not to long ago I finally put the last of them into a quilt…all together I made 3 quilts ( 2 of them fairly large) and a table runner from all of the 9 patches. Not to mention I cleaned out a great deal of scraps. IMG_9505

So I decided this would be a quick one to get on & off the frame one day this week….I was kind of playing with a design sketch…for another quilt and tested it on this one. I am not a fan of it really…for the other quilt anyway. But with this one..really anything could go.  SO it looks perfectly fine. I also used scraps to piece a backing for this.IMG_9506

I wish I could say I was getting caught up with some of my own quilts…..but that is not the case. However I do feel good that progress is being made. 🙂

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