Scrappy 500

IMG_6972I am not sure if you all have this come up …but I do all of the time. I don’t come from a line of quilters (nobody in my family quilts) and even in my close circle of friends growing up…they didn’t sew or quilt. ( except Courtney) Although some of my friends are converting.

So when I tell people that I meet (or my family) what I do for a living ….they don’t get it. People who don’t dabble in quilting do not understand all of the art that is involved with quilting. When you say quilt or quilting in conjures up memories of their grandmothers and mothers making utility quilts from old clothes and curtains. If they only knew what we spend on a yard of fabric these days, right? Then there are the memories of the quilting bees at local churches.

Who would guess that now most bees are virtual…the internet has made so many things possible….especially for me & my business….when I think about it. I am so thankful. I think USPS needs to grant us special shipping rates…due to quilting & virtual bees I think we are what keeps them in business. Art comes in all forms. I would never discount what our ancestors did or how they took something & re-purposed that. In fact I love that. I love that our art can hang or it can be loved & used to provide a need. I think that makes it more valuable. IMG_6975

I say all of that because this quilt reminds me of a typical quilt that comes to mind..a scrappy half square triangle (HST) quilt. I took 500 charms ( 5 inch square) cut them on the diagonal and then randomly sewed them together. to create 500 HST then I sewed them into blocks of 25 ( the math worked out great for that…easy!) and then sewed them together to construct a queen size quilt. NO borders…no fuss. All fun…mindless sewing. I like to have a project that sits next to the sewing machine for when I have a spare 10 minutes here and there…when I just need to de-compress…figure out my plans..ect. When I am on the phone…I like to have a quiet project to cut or sort while talking.   This worked out beautifully for that.IMG_6973

So I in fact sorted 250 more colorful blocks( I didn’t have 500 more) and cut 250 dark brown charms so I could make another ( it was a friends idea to have a constant). I love a good scrappy quilt…mindless sewing and a queen size beauty that gives feelings of cozy & homeIMG_6974.

I quilted all over Charisma Curls…I wish I had quilted a stipple after I was finished. Stipple just screams cozy and comfortable to me. So I may do that on my next one. IMG_6978

This is scrappy from start to finish. I used scraps of batting, left over bobbins (several colors) and also a scrappy back. It just makes me feel good to use all of those odd & ends. I really does….so I can understand why our ancestors used every scrap of material no matter what it was used for. Breathes new life into old things. IMG_6976 IMG_6977

I hope that happens to me when I am old. LOL

I hope you all have a blessed Saturday!



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