Scrappies…got quilts?

Well this is one that Annette pieced for me for the scrappy trade. Isn’t it fabulous?

I had no idea how useful all of these scrappies would be for my business when I decided to offer up my scraps..honestly I was just overwhelmed with them. I had always been one to use scraps ..pretty was like a challenge for me to use as many scraps as I could…but honestly ( as we all know..the bin fills fast). Annette is a a really good piecer and she just comes up with patterns in her creative process..which I love. We all have gifts this is one of hers.

I got a few new boards from Loricles this is one of them: Squaredance.

I am going to use it to quilt for Deb and thought I should do a practice quilt first so all the mistakes aren’t on her quilt..although she assured me that it would be fine..I just have to make sure it has minimal mistakes…rather than freak out at myself for many mistakes. LOL….so I finished this up last night…I love the effect that the quilting has….it is also really easy to line up..the design is pretty forgiving…My biggest problems is a steady hand following a pattern. But it is way easier than say Bubbles..which isn’t forgiving if you don’t line it up exactly perfect..and have an unsteady hand. But that’s all I have to say about that ( in my best Forrest Gump imitation..Oh how I love that movie!).

anyway this quilt was perfect for this design and for a practice quilt…it was like it was meant to be….very modern type designs…Very nice!

Thanks Annette!

3 thoughts on “Scrappies…got quilts?

  1. I really do like that quilt. I may have to recreate that pattern. I have a full box of strings. I have been trying to decide what to do with.

    And that square dance, looks like it gives the quilt a lot of texture. Love the affect. Will probably use that on Danials quilt as well.

  2. Yep, I like that quilt too! Great use of scraps. Makes me think of a city for some reason… you know, tight buildings with windows. Just popped over from the QB where I am KLO and asked you a ton of questions about the quilting in that white border on the other scrappy quilt. You were so generous to answer my ton of questions and I wanted to thank you personally. I am thrilled to find you have a blog and will certainly be following along on it regularly. That will be so much easier than the QB. I have grown a bit tired of some of the stuff that goes on over there but then I read a posting like yours and I realize that just like life in general, there is good and bad to everything. So, I’ll be back and thanks again for sharing your knowledge. Cannot wait until you get a video camera so I can actually see what you are doing …. well, quilting wise that is! lol

  3. Charisma…i so love how it turned out…..i was so curious about seeing how the tops i pieced for you would turn out…..wish my trials would turn out as nice….lol i love it….

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