Scrapbooking/Office Update

It’s all finished! YAY!

We had some shelf malfunctions. So it took a bit longer. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would  be to get it all together because I had grouped everything together when I packed it. I do need to sort through photos and what not….but that’s the fun part. I am so blessed to have this space. In our small house my guys let me have space for my quilting business & now this office & scrapbooking room. Some of the boys didn’t do that willingly…..but it’s kind of necessary when you run a business to have an office. Especially now because I am doing my own shipping.

Something was going to have to happen with that anyway. even my current plan isn’t working the best. I have to fold the quilts put them in their boxes…haul them to the office downstairs then haul them back upstairs. LOL. But beggars can’t be choosers. It is what it is. I at least have the space I have.

So I took some pictures of the set up. Here is the last post when it was a wreck. Here is the one about paint.

Here is a current photo: IMG_7541 IMG_7542

All the angles of the room: IMG_7543That is the other half of the table. You can see the room is really small.  The white bins next to the table are filled with paper. The back bin on top of those are adhesives & embellishments. The dresser next to that is all ink & rubber stamps. The bin on top of that is hole punches, die cutting systems & chip board.Of course my cricket & more fibers. Then the next little table is my shipping station. That’s the scale & tape gun IMG_7547

Then my desk:IMG_7544

Then on the other side of that are the doors. one to the family room & one to the laundry room. IMG_7546

This is the laundry room…haha! IMG_7545


Now you see where we store about half of our board games. Crazy right? we kind of like board games. Lots of family time with those. I also took a picture i natural light this morning. IMG_7548

The color doesn’t look so yellow . It’s a nice color. I really like it.

So another room all put together. But now I have these huge empty shelves in the quilting studio. Which is another -re-arrange project. I just haven’t a clue what I am doing with those yet.  I am not a rush to start.

But I do hope I can share some scrapbook layouts in the near future!



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