Scrap Wood Pumpkins


OK so they are finally finished….not perfect by any means. But they are pretty cute! The tutorial for them is here. I got it from pinterest.

(you can see that Clarissa gets home from school and makes herself comfy..taking off socks& shoes….yes this is her normal routine)

So a few Saturdays ago…the boys were working pretty hard at breaking apart pallets and cutting everything out.


This was the mess in my front yard for days…because we pride ourselves on wanting to look like white trash. We started out buy cutting on the tailgate…then later that day we bought some saw horses.

I tried to get a few pics of the boys wearing my sunglasses because they didn’t want to look for the goggles an I insisted they wear eye gear.

IMG_0169 IMG_0168

Preston is looking pretty Chic?? Right?


Then of course Clarissa wanted a turn at the saw….I wasn’t a big fan of that. I am afraid to use it myself….But Rob was with her:


She also had to wear my chic eye protection. 🙂


Some of the tools we needed for the job


I was trying to get a photo of the fabulous eye protection..and he quickly took off the eyewear and shot my this look:


Then the first pumpkin was drawn & cut out…and I put the boards on it

IMG_0164 IMG_0165

The first one looks more like an apple…..but that’s ok. Apples are a fall harvest. 🙂 IMG_0276

All of the others look like good pumpkins….


I wanted to make more but we ran out of wood. But I am pretty happy with them. 🙂 Cute right?

I love when my family works on these projects with me. 🙂

So even though we got the wood for was still a spendy project because we didn’t have saw horses, the right kind of saw, stain, hooks, and foundation wood. LOL so maybe for someone who has all of the right tools…..this would be a good project. But now for the next project…we will have what we need. 🙂

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