OK So I have a few more boxes than I thought I would……HEHE. Isn’t that how it happens?

So I have boxes for Teresa, Karin, Linda, Marilyn and possibly Lindy…waiting to hear…..all in all I have 7 flat rate boxes to go out…so any takers??

remember the rules…

I ship you my box of scraps… piece quilts for me from my scraps.
How ever many you want, whatever size you want, whatever pattern you want.

Surprise me.

In return I will quilt for you. Just send your quilt tops back with my pieced tops. I will quilt the same size quilts for you that you made for me. any leftover scraps ..please send them back. You can choose to use the whole box..or you can just make one project…it’s all up to you.

So just comment on this post and I will email you for your address. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “SCRAP BOXES

    1. Hi Janet,

      There isn’t a time line. Just keep me updated…..I sent out the last batch in august…So far I have only gotten one back..I know there have been several made because I have seen pictures of progress..and I am fine with that…completely! I am just now getting all of my UFO’s done anyway….I have had some of them for 7 years. So it woudl be better for me not to add to my pile until …if you know what I mean. LOL

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