Scottie Dogs



Well I pieced this earlier in the year…so I don’t get to count it on my project count…..but it is finished now. 🙂



I wrote about it earlier but a re-cap is that my friend Donna, made the houses and Scottie Dog blocks and then decided she didn’t like them…and wanted to get rid of them……so I gladly took them. But I felt that putting them together just as they were was kind of plain ….and they deserved a bit more. It took me awhile to come up with a plan…..I have to say. But I had a stack of fat quarters in my stash that I felt would go well with everything and a plan formulated. I added a few stars and those setting 16 patch blocks …and my quilt was “born.”

IMG_0768 IMG_0767 IMG_0769


I know this quilt isn’t my usual style, or colors, or anything I might have come up with on my own without the orphaned blocks…but I was so giddy with excitement working on it……it’s just so charming! I love making something from nothing….or making something beautiful from something discarded…I can’t really explain that feeling….it’s so ingrained within me. Maybe that’s why so many different things appeal to me. Maybe I love it because I am living proof…it’s my life. I am an orphaned/unwanted child and have proven to be loved by many that don’t have to love me out of obligation. Or maybe because God can take my broken vessel and make it beautiful..maybe it’s just part of creation. I have no idea…but I always feel a sense of accomplishment and pleasure whenever it happens.



So I had a relaxing time quilting it…..straight lines with my ruler, stipple, back & fourth lines and feathers…nothing to difficult but I really felt giddy watching it all come together….isn’t that strange? LOL



quilting over those wool felt doggies was so easy and they turned out great…I love all of the different plaids …adorable!



I have a few more days to get a few of my own quilted before I start on my January work…..:) So I have a few more to share ( I hope).

IMG_0773 IMG_0774



The New Year is approaching…..2015. unbelievable.




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