Saturday Ramblings 06/16/12

Tomorrow the church is having a chili cook off for father’s day…also this is my Pastor’s first Fatehr’s day…so his wife is giving the sermon..LOL. This will be a fun day. I don’t have a great chili recipe..I just use chili as a staple in our diet causeI can make a lotat one time and it freezes know?

So I wasn’t going to sign up for the cook-off. I have built a reputation for a being a good cook at church {already}. Last week on Sunday..Cole threw down a bet that my chili would win….I could just hurt that kid! LOL So I have been kind of stressed about losing the battle of the chili.( stupid..I know..but the cooking competitions are the only kind I can win..anything physical..forget it!)

So I have been googling famous chili recipes..several of them have some key ingrediants Ihave never learned about. Beer and cocoa powder. Hmmmm Interesting. Amber beer as well…that means darker right? So anyway I went to the store armed with my list….I don’t buy beer. Rob doesn’t buy beer either..he will drink it at a BBQ or something if it is offered to him. But we don’t generally drink..and we don’t drink in front of our kids ( as a rule..sometimes Rob… will like I said if we are at a’s not a regular thing by far) so I am reading all the beer packages.. trying to find a beer that is dark and single so I can just buy a single rather than a package..thatlimited my options even to one or two. LOL

So I bought this one:Appetizing right? I think I looked pretty cool in the store carting that around right? I lookedlike one of those TOUGH chicks..that wears leather..and drinks beer from the bottle ( I actually don’t even drink beer from a glass..LOL)UGH! I hid it under some otehr’s kind of not my thing..LOL. But take a closer look..Rob recognized this when I asked him to open it this morning (Cause I don’t even know how to open a bottle unless it’s a twist cap…lol):it says “Quilter’s Irish Death”……I could hardly believe it..I have some Irish in me..and it said “Quilter’s” Uhhhhh …Scary! LOL The cross bones didn’t suit well afterreading that. Rob pulled out his handy IPAD ( which was his Father’s day the way) and looked up why it has that name…It said it was not named after a bunch of little old ladies who sit around quilting…it was named after the owner..Quilter is his last name.

Ok Well that’s sounds better than killing a bunch of next comment was “Why does the word “quilter” immediatlyconjure up images/or assumewe are all old ladies who sit around quilting?” That’s another story..causeI think Rob called me a blue hair? HUH? It’s actually brewed in a brewery about an hour away ….so that was an interesting fact. Anyway I used it in my chili that is simmering as I type:I hope its’ a winner!


This is the quilt I am working on today..A spider web..I really liek these and i don’t have one…( in my best Gollum impression ..”I must have my Precious!”LOL)Someday.

I hope you all have a great day! Iw ill let you know if my chili is a flop….or in case I have to start all over you should all send me your recipes! LOL





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