Saturday night

Hi friends,

AHHHHH! My family is home..all is well. I have been in my pj’s and/or sweats all weekend. I got so much finished…a big quilt for Judi in AK, one for Beth my binder and a quick one for myself….I made dinner for my family and Rob and I went grocery shopping.
When we pulled into the parking lot..I thought…wow this is pretty sprinkled a bit of snow …so people were home. I felt good about that because I looked a bit frumpy. Of course that is when you run into everybody and their brother at wal-mart. LOL. Oh well.
I hadn’t left the house…and I really didn’t want to but we had too..we wouldn’t have made it another night without buying toilet paper. In this house…well that is not an option. I usually keep a healthy stock of that around…but you know..time escapes me.

The kids shared with me about their fabulous weekend. They shot guns, they made potato guns that never worked right…in fact Bryce has the injury to prove it. They also tried running their go-cart..but broke the starter. They also helped put the heating system in the new house. Clarissa said….Mom..grandma and grandpa’s new house is pretty fancy..LOL. Yes..they are building their dream home…and it is beautiful. They built it from the ground up…my Fil is doing it all himself..he drew up the plans himself. It’s pretty amazing to me. My brain doesn’t work like that.

I have counted my unfinished quilt tops..besides the ones that are still out…I am counting those as finished because they will be when they get back home. I have about 15 that are on the surface…I am not sure what all I have hidden…you know sometimes different things pop up. I also have a few 3-4 projects that are in progress….so 20 UFO’s …I think that is completely manageable to get done..don’t you? We will see……I get booked at I am not able to work on my own thinsg for 6 months at a that rate I could be working on these items in 10 years and they will be vintage. LOL

Oh well.

Tomorrow is doesn’t feel like it…my schedule is out of whack lately.

I just wanted to check in with you all before I hit the hay…..I hope you all have a blessed Sunday! It’s God’s Day!

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