Saturday Night Fever…..

Feverishly quilting that is…..I am trying to get some work done since I have been working on house stuff.

Rob worked on some trim today…he and Carl took the utility trailer to the city dump….we have made so many trips this last month…Most people do their re-modeling projects in spring or summer…but since my DH works many hours during harvest season that is out for us. He gets to do work during the holiday months….which means the city dump is hardly ever busy …so I guess that is good. I have tried going to the dump…but I can’t back up the trailer….one of the workers had to back it in for me after I almost decided to take our load back home in tears…..cause I couldn’t figure it out. …last summer.

Rob also put in a new hard drive to the laptop. I bought a new laptop last Jan? or Feb? well I have bearely used it and it quit working. I thought maybe the kids did something to get a virus …but they are hardly on the laptop..and only when Rob let them.
So Carla found the problem last time she was here..apparently this brand and model of laptops has been having some issues. they sent us a new hard drive …Rob installed it today and spent half the day trying to get it to run. It’s still not running. So we will have to send it back probably. It is amazing to me that when he called they asked if we wanted to spend another 100$ to extend the warranty for another year?? This makes me mad..this laptop has less than 20 hours of use …breaks down…so now they want me to buy an extended warranty? Is this a scam or what?

LAst night we went to Wal-Mart to get a few things..I bought 5 storage containers and they only charged me for one….I am going back to the store so they can charghe me for teh other four…it has been bothering me all day..I didn’t notice it right away..I had wondered why my bill was so low..but it was black Friday..I thought maybe some things were on sale and I didn’t know. I was going to go back today…but I didn’t want to leave the house. So tomorrow …after church.

well I must go fold laundry now and put it away…hours upon hours of laundry…but at least it’s all washed and dried…YAhoo!

I finished several quilts today….I started my meal planning for the week.

I hope you all have a blessed night!

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