Saturday Evening Post

Well it technically is a “Saturday evening Post” …However, Normal Rockwell….we are not. LOL

Not that I wouldn’t love that idealistic kind of life…it just isn’t. I can accept that…maybe.

Well today I was catching up on my Dr. Phil episodes….and one of the episodes was the new marriage crisis series. Rob came in when the ladies in the show had to do role reversals with their mean husbands. Well my DH doesn’t miss a beat as says..I am calling Dr. Phil and I am going to ask on the show so everyone can see how YOU really TREAT me. I had visions in my head of them taping our new bedroom with the Amy Butler covered headboard….LOL….as if that is a real problem..come on. LOL ..I guess it would be if he lost an appendage..but we will cross that bridge when we come to it. ha! I told him ..we need to go on the show so everyone can see how HE treats me! Locking me in my studio day in and day out..without rest….HA! Well all in all I know we are blessed because seeing the crisis in these marriages ..makes me all the more grateful for my own marriage. We did have our crisis’ in the beginning especially. We have been together over 9 years now. The first 5 years of our marriage were difficult….beyond difficult. SO many times I didn’t think we would make it. But here we are …we aren’t perfect…but we are working and managing and I would say happy. Life is good right now. Isn’t it funny? I know many couples go through those rough times….I have been divorced and that is not easy either…but I have to say that I am thankful for all my experiences.

My Aunt got married 11-11-11 in Hawaii. She called today and told me about everything….What a blessing. She had a perfect wedding, it is her first wedding and she waited a long time to get there. I am so happy for her.

I have another aunt getting married in a few weeks. It must be the season? Marriage is the most difficult relationship we will ever have…right? It came so easily for me to love my children..even the ones i didn’t actually give birth to….it was such a natural thing for me…for the most part. Now that we are in the teenage years..that is a bit difficult…I think it is so difficult because i love them so much …on top of not wanting to let them go just want them to make sound choices..LOL and their brains are cloudy with hormones. but we will get through it.

Today I quilted majority of the day..Rob went to the dump, cardboard recycling, painted trim and doors ..The 3 boys are at their Dads. Carl and Jeri went ice skating with Trina..Clarissa had a play date at her friends house. Rob and I had about 2 hours by ourselves..pretty amazing. That rarely happens. But always welcome.

Well I feel confident in what I have accomplished today…and being it is 9:30 pm..I think I will go up stairs and read a book…watch some TV….and rest. Tomorrow I am working on another big Texan….for LaLa Lori.

I hope you all have a blessed Sunday!



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