Saturday escaped as well….

Well yesterday escaped me as well…I went grocery shopping because we can’t actually get everything at Costco right?

plus Rob had to pick up a few things?? Lord only knows.

So we went out to do that stuff and I came home to quilt….my machine broke down. WHY?WHY? WHY?
I was also helping a young boy (11) quilt some quilts he made for Christmas gifts. Connor is a Cute little guy who LOVES quilting. He has a twin sister who is a ballerina…I beautiful one that Clarissa just LOVES! He made his sister a ballerina quilt and he was so proud of the quilting. I also had him quilt a special quilt for me that is a surprise.
He was so great…but the poor guy had to endure”The Rob”….Rob told him he had to call him “The Rob”….with a straight his dry sense of humor that throws normal people off. LOL

Anyway so after wrestling with my machine for a few hours I gave up and started watching TV. I think Rob fixed it today THANK YOU JESUS!

I made Rob favorite sandwiches for dinner….I also made them for lunch today because he begged me….I copied his favorite Safeway deli sandwich so here’s how I made it:

Bread…we have used french bread rolls cut into 6 inch sections also foccacia (sp?) bread

I put some Caesar dressing on one half of the bread and submarine oil on the other
lay them on a pan for broiling

the cover marinated artichoke hearts on one half of the bread covered with mozzarella cheese

on the other half cover it with slices of grilled chicken put it in the oven under the broiler until the cheese is melted and sides of bread toasted, add lettuce, tomato, and red onions.

It’s amazing that he loves it as much as he does and it doesn’t even have bacon on it! LOL Anyone that knows us knows how Rob has a love affair with bacon.

Oh I looked up the perfume on the net and the site that you mentioned Mary…..they have it so CHEAP…er I mean it’s so affordable! I am buying two bottles for half the amount I paid for one bottle a few summers ago. But that probably means they will no longer sell it …is I will have to savor the last couple of bottles. LOL

Oh well at least I can purchase it now.

I am trying to figure out how I am going to talk about today’s sermon….funny enough so much of it worked into my counseling session that I had on Friday. I want to say I am amazed..but that doesn’t amaze me anymore..LOL. The sermons always have a way of reaching in and grabbing me.
I am also wondering if I am supposed to be working more at the domestic violence shelter..I have to pray about that….this always happens….when I first think “No…that’s not for me”…something happens to bring me to a place I had no idea I was supposed to be… I will be back later. I hope you all have a blessed Sunday.
Oh And I did wear my fabulous new PINK coat….and as if I needed to give Rob more material to make fun of me…(it’s his love language…I hope..LOL) He told EVERYONE I was the new MARY KAY Lady….I also wore a bump-it in my hair….he has been making fun of those since I had to drive 30 minutes to purchase them …after being on a waiting list to get them in our area ( years ago). I love that FUN stuff and dress up. I didn’t do that for so long because I didn’t think I could pull it I just love to be ME! That is pink, sparkles, bump-it and flowers!

So to all of you….NOthing is holding you back is it? Feathers??? Karin?? DId you get them?
Red shoes? REd Lipstick?? Anyone?

2 thoughts on “Saturday escaped as well….

  1. Sadly, no, I still don’t get feathers. Not only that, but would you believe that MY machine is also ailing? Yup, was sewing along, just fine, doing my little blanket applique stitch on, yes, a Christmas present, and what did I hear? Was that a SNAP? Oh, nooo, that was a SPROINGGGGGG. Oh, yes, that snarky foot pedal that has been giving me fits ever since we got this machine finally gave up & rolled over & died. Thankfully, I have a start/stop button, but when doing applique blanket stitching, nothing beats that foot pedal. Arrg…and tomorrow will be a waste anyway, since I’m getting an injection (and they put me to sleep for them, and then I sleep the rest of the day away). ARRRGH. I know the Good Lord won’t give me more than I can handle, but I wish He didn’t trust me so much!!

    Sooooo, applique goes to the back burner, and I’ll work on some of the other more pressing (HA – baaaad pun) items….you know, like the straight stitching ones.

    I’m glad you are wearing what makes you happy!!

  2. oh charisma—wait till you see my new ruby red slippers!!! I will wear them friday to our party—
    YOU look good all dolled up-I love it. don’t worry-be happy!!!

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