Saturday August 24, 2013

Hi friends,

Today has been a great day. It was a day that I didn’t have planned. The Lord had plans.

Rob and I woke up….decided to take a walk down to the Farmers market. Came back home with bags of fresh produce.

When we arrived home and a family from church was at our house.

I am going to admit some things here that I am not proud of……Judging a book by it’s cover. I am ashamed. How many times have we all done this? I feel really bad about it.

So this family has been coming to our church off and on all year. I never treated them poorly…..I was  never rude..I always trusted them with responsibility at functions and that sort of thing. I would talk with them and visit. But I had just assumed that they were “rough” or from the hard way of life.

Rob on the other hand had spent some time with them at a car wash a few months ago and really got to know the man…well he got some back ground on him. You see this man  sometimes slurs his speech….when you look at his face you can see some differences. He sometimes has bloodshot eyes and his mouth droops a bit on one side. They are a young couple. Just had a baby…..a few months ago. Rob found out he had made some bad choices a few years into a horrible car accident was paralyzed with a brain injury. Had to learn how to walk, eat, talk the whole 9 yards. Now he is functional with these minor differences.

Clarissa always grabs the baby to hold him and play with him. She LOVES babies. Just last week the woman joined my bible study. She was quiet….didn’t share much. Quite alright.

Anyhow the man looks like he is drunk or stoned……to put it bluntly. We have many people that come to church in that state……sad to say I just assumed he was one of them..and he is friends with some of them. Well he was laid off of his carpentry job a few months ago. He has made looking for a job his full-time job. He is willing to work food, labor ready, anything. He is going in to every place in town. He landed on our doorstep because he asked if Rob could help him get a job in his plant. Rob is trying really hard..but processing is almost over and even if he gets him will most likely only last a few months…but that at least gets this family’s rent paid for those couple of months.

Anyway until that happens …Rob offered to have him work on some stuff around our house. Now we offered that not knowing really what kind of skill set he has..or if he could do what he says he can do. We have tried to help people at church ( and otherwise ) before…who say they know what they are doing…but don’t. This man works really hard and he is smart as a whip when it comes to building and what not.  Rob, myself and the boys are all really impressed and he has earned our respect. We want to help this family out until he finds something permanent. I have built a wish list of stuff I wanted completed..I just can’t do it on my own all the time..cause I am not skilled…Rob isn’t all that skilled with this type of stuff either. he can get by…..but it takes him FOREVER! But this man and our boys have just gotten our yard in tip top shape in just a day…my cobblestone walkway is almost done in the front…..will be finished tomorrow. My retaining wall will be in this week..and a storage shed should be done within a week. That’s pretty darn AMAZING! We just show him pictures (Thank you Pinterest) of what we want and he draws up a plan in his head and gets it done. I will show you pictures of before and after.

Rob and I were talking (alone) and we both feel terrible that we judged him. Rob didn’t want to stick his neck out to help a guy get a job not knowing that he is what he says he is…and now he is trying to figure out anyway to help him. we now know he is honest and a hard working..he just needs someone to give him a chance.

So I hope this will teach me a lesson.






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