Santa is Almost Here

Mary sent another Old World Santa quilt. Here is her last one. IMG_7056

After she made hers…a family member asked her if she would make one for them…and then another family member asked…so I think I will get another before the season is over. 🙂 Not only that but she is so generous she sent me a panel as well…he is really a beautiful Santa. So I will be making one of these quilts for myself as well. IMG_7055 IMG_7054

I had to look at the other quilt again…because Mary likes this second one better than the last one. For some reason I was thinking this new one had more red in it…which isn’t the case…it’s the black fabrics that just pop out all of the red a bit more. So I think it does frame everything in and make all the right stuff shine through.

I quilted it very similar….don’t fix something they ain’t broken…right? IMG_7053 IMG_7052

Two layers of batting..a layer of legacy 80/20 and a layer of hobbs poly down.

Thanks Mary! Always a pleasure! I’m glad to be  part of the blessings you share with people around you. IMG_7057

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