Sabrina’s Modern Travel Bee from 2015

Sabrina is a really good friend of mine. She is also part of my Modern Quilt Guild and joined the Traveling Bee last year.


Unfortunately, she had to have cataract surgery at the end of the bee and she works a lot, had family for holidays and such…and she is always doing sweet things for everyone around her…  So I knew she would have time to assemble her bee in time for our January meeting. So another friend, member of the guild took her blocks and put them in a quilt top for her ( as a surprise) and I quilted it for her. I was going to try and have it finished before Christmas….that didn’t happen due to deadlines and back issues on my part…..but I got it done in time to present to her at the meeting last night. YAY!!  She had no idea what we were doing.



She started her bee with just one simple “S” Block. Her first & last name starts with an “S”……so I think I got her quilt pretty early on in the rounds….and I decided to add in all of the other letters…that really set a them for the whole quilt…but it was so fun!! Her last name is “Strong” …she is a really “Sweet” Person and I added “Love” because someone had already made the patchwork heart in the bottom corner.



I think Jeri did a great job putting it together and it turned out lovely after the quilting…if I do say so myself.

026Other words added are “So” and “Wise”. I also know how much Sabrina loves quotes…she does as much as I do. SO I quilted in a quote for her by C.S Lewis.

“you are never to old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream”

It kind of fits with my Head space right now…but also with all of the changes and new eyesight that Sabrina has been experiencing lately…I thought it was also suitable for her.

023 024 022 021


I added the chevron backing…..I wished I had orange because that is Sab’s favorite color…but I had red….then I matched the seams on the back when I sewed it together to create those little diamonds in one row…can you see it?  …kind of fun….right? Honestly, I did that for Sabrina…because she is detail oriented like that. 🙂


IN all honestly, I was thinking that maybe all of these modern bee quilt that I have quilted are looking the same because I am quilting my way/style… and quilting them all in the same fashion with tons of designs and texture. But It all reality it’s not as if they are side by side all of the time…and when I think of changing them up…I don’t ->because the gals that are getting them are new long-armers (mostly) and I think they would appreciate having a sampler of quilting designs. I even have quilts like that hanging in my studio for that reason. Every little bit of inspiration helps.

030 029 028 027A few more for inspiration. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Many blessings!


4 thoughts on “Sabrina’s Modern Travel Bee from 2015

  1. That is such a sweet quilt! I really love how you quilted the “Spool” block! And the quote by C.S. Lewis rocked my world, in a good way.

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