S for Strong

Sabrina made this quilt for her son. It’s a Christmas gift.

Sabrina is an Amazing quilter. She is one of my AMAZING friends…she has a heart of Gold!



Their last name is Strong…so the blocks are each supposed to be an “S” To stand for the family name. Isn’t that clever? She is so detailed oriented like that.

I love all the variety of fabrics and that border is just “WOW!”


I quilted it using my zig-zag board from loricles. I can never get those lines perfect. Drives me bonkers. Just in case you all needed to know…most of us quilters point out the flaws of our work..yes I do the same. This board is difficult to get perfect. at least for me. IMG_0614 IMG_0615

I know Sabrina’s son will love this quilt….so bold, beautiful & modern.

IMG_0618 IMG_0619There is the back. LOVE the graphic effect of the chevron.

Thanks Sabrina. It’s beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!



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