Runny Salsa

Well lately we have been making salsa. Our garden went crazy and I planted several tomato plants. We couldn’t possibly eat enough salad to eat all of the tomatoes. I was making cabbage salsa pretty frequently because it’s such a good snack on a hot day. But it wasn’t using nearly enough peppers or tomatoes. It had been years since I tried to make runny salsa.

Years ago…..I used to work at a fast food Mexican place….it was a local place in my home town…it would be comparable to a Taco Time but better. I started out working at Arby’s…but I hated the uniform….and transferred to the Mexican place because They could wear black jeans and the cool polo shirts. LOL and no visor. I hated the visors at Arby’s! My boss at Arby’s even offered me a raise to stay…but the whole uniform thing-> had to go!

Anyway I learned how to make all different types of salsa because they have/had a huge salsa bar with several types of salsa. Since I had required those fabulous skills I remember my grandpa Tom calling me over one weekend so we could make fresh salsa from his garden at the time. We both like spicy stuff and we decided to cook some peppers in with the tomatoes….LOL it was so Spicy! we had to cut it with more tomatoes. He said his poker buddies were even complaining about how spicy it was. Liquid fire. LOL It’s one of many memories I have of my grandpa, that I love. Watching the poor guy’s eyes water after trying our big pot of salsa!

So it’s been about 17 years since I made any of that type of salsa…but I knew I could figure it out and use a ton of tomatoes. I have been making a gallon at a time and my kids eat it so fast …now the tomatoes cant keep up with us. I am going to write it up best I can because there aren’t exact measurements…most of it is to taste…we just keep adding the spices until it’s what we like. I think a lot of it has to do with how sweet the tomatoes are ect. I am putting everything I pick into the pot to use what I have. So half of the pot is usually cherry tomatoes and those are really sweet. I also grew beefsteak and roma.

So here goes:

Take a large pot (4-5 quart) Fill it with fresh tomatoes. I fill it all the way …the big tomatoes I cut into halves….all the rest I just throw in the pot.

Then I turn on med heat and let the tomatoes boil down- I mash them along the way with a meat masher. They cook for quite along time I would say 60-90 minutes.

Then let them cool. I will try to boil them in the morning and then let them cool off all day until the late afternoon.

I try to make it so that there is a gallon of cooked down tomatoes.


Now this next part is really optional. The first time I made it I didn’t blend the tomatoes…but I have blended the last few batches . When I blend it I just add in all of the peppers.

I add about 4 cups of peppers ( it fills the blender about halfway). We had a variety from jalapenos to habeneros. When I say 4 cups that means in their whole state. So if they were chopped up it would be less than that. I decided to blend it because it seems that its more restaurant style without chunks  of tomatoes & peppers. I also like the way the peppers are in every bite rather than here & there. It gives it more consistency.   Again Peppers are to taste…if you don’t like any spice you could use bell peppers….or less of the spicy ones. We happen to like a little bit of heat..It usually takes about 3-4 blender pitchers to get all of it blended. I just blend the peppers in the first pitcher (it’s half tomatoes half peppers)…and it all mixes in fine when you blend the rest of the tomatoes and mix it in the big bowl.  The blending is done here…I then transfer it to a big bowl and add the rest of the ingredients.

To give it some more flavor and texture:

I chopped up 2 huge red onions ( or 4 small ones)

2 bunches of cilantro loosely chopped

Garlic powder to taste. (We used fresh garlic last time…it was really good but it seems we had to use a lot more and I smelled it on my boys for 3 days…the powder seems to not hang onto them as long or something?? I don’t know)

The juice of from 4 limes ( I use fresh…but you could always use store bought juice)

ground cumin to taste

Johnny’s season salt to taste

***Cayenne pepper can be used here as well. I Like the flavor….but sometimes I don’t need it. Of course this is also just a matter of taste….so add as much or little as you like.

After I add everything I just mix it all up and refrigerate.

Let me know if you try it. I know the measurements aren’t exact….because like I said it’s always going to be different depending on the tomatoes.

But my kids are now turning their noses up at store bought salsa…I have ruined them. LOL

Have a great day!



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