Row By Row Gift


I work for Fairfield World and they are a great company. As far as I can see everyone is so caring and kind. One of the members is facing a battle and needed a little hug from her work family. It came in the form of this Row By Row quilt.


Several of us designers came together and made a row or 2 and Polly put it together…I quilted it. The owner loves it and was touched by the gift.

954 955

I really had fun quilting each row and bringing it all together. We used a layer of Fairfield’s Soft fleece batting and a layer of wool.

955 956

I used a teal colored thread and wondered if I should have done that because it was high contrast in some areas…but I think it worked out in the end.

957 958

I tried to keep the water design feel in each row because that’s the over all feeling of the quilt.

Everyone did such a great job and it was nice working with everyone to bless someone.

Thanks so much!



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