Round Robin Jewels

Debby works at The Attic Window Quilt shop. …I spoke of it last week….:)


I think she said this quilt was based off of a Round Robin quilt or it was a round Robin quilt? I can’t remember….but it does remind me of one. It’s beautiful. It is made from batiks. …..beautiful Batiks. I keep petting mine and I don’t do anything with them…my stash of them are Kaffe & Amy Fabrics…I am not sure why…..I just like them so much I don’t cut into them. But this is my year of using them…..I am making myself. 🙂

IMG_1068 IMG_1069


anyway…Debby let em quilt this however I wanted…..and I love that I got to bring each round to life. I really wanted the center to stand out…so I added straight lines in those background spaces …kind of like spot lights…..and twinkling stars in the center to reflect from the pieced stars. I also added some ferns because… just seemed fitting in my mind.


I also added some leaves and curls…

IMG_1070 IMG_1071I tried to get a few shots from different angles:

IMG_1075 IMG_1076 IMG_1077Thanks so much Debby! It was a pleasure working with you!





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