Rosey Stars

Nadine sent this to me for quilting. 🙂

It’s beautiful…he focal fabric is a beautiful print with different types of flowers & roses.


It had a lot of colors to pull from and she did a beautiful job choosing many fabrics to bring this pattern all together.

There are stars and great ares for quilting. So I quilted, feathers, wreaths, charisma Curls and flowers.

028 029 030It’s a huge quilt with lots of great space to showcase theHere  quilting. But the lighting here hasn’t been all that great so capture it in the photos. 🙁

031 032 033  Here is a picture of the back:

026Thanks Nadine! It’s always a pleasure working with you!

Blessings to all of you for a fabulous week!


One thought on “Rosey Stars

  1. Charisma, have you ever considered using black bobbin thread on the white back of a quilt? Just thinking how striking some of your would would be, make it totally reversible to boot! 🙂

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