Roo’s Embroidery Project

So while I was working on my Birdie Stitches….while Roo & I watched Gilmore Girls…she decide she would like to learn Embroidery so she could work on something. She is 11 and has attention issues.

I am so skeptical of her picking up a project because she is famous for starting a project and not finishing…unless she has me or someone else working with her and making her do it…..unless it has to do with drawing, paper, that type of crafting. But with sewing and that sort of thing it doesn’t give her immediate gratification..and she loses interest….depending on the process. With her Hope quilt she did great because it was simply pieced…and she wanted to use the long arm. So it helped her go to the next step in the process.

So when she said she wanted to Embroider…I was hesitant to go through the process of setting her up and teaching her. So she looked through several idea books and chose very ambitious projects…so in case I had to be the one to finish it…I told her it had to be something more simple. Then she decided that she wanted to make our Pastor & his wife a gift because they left our community for another church 4 hours away. So we found this little stitchery in a book I had.

I thought it was suitable for a first project and a for a gift. Clarissa started it a month ago.



I only taught her the back stitch…..and set her on her way. I let her choose whatever colors of thread she wanted to use. I don’t get hung up on those details. I want her to love her project…so she will keep at it.

I think she did really well for her first project. She is a bit of a perfectionist and did a a lot of ripping out…even when I felt she didn’t need to. She wanted her stitches to be really even…I never explained that to her….all of mine aren’t all of the time….but she was really striving for that. I told her on the outline and the stars…she could just make a running stitch and  not use the back stitch…that helped her. 🙂



Problem is that she finished it the day The Wilkinson’s now we have to ship it. That’s OK…..She picked out the fabric to frame & quilt it…we sewed buttons in the corners….and she made me quilt it because she stresses about quilting. I went ahead and did that part for her because she would hate it and not gift it if she felt her quilting was ugly…and the fact that she had embroidered the whole thing…well I just didn’t want it ruined for her. Even though The Wilkinson’s would love it no matter what.


As you can see there is a little church….and it says “Blessed be the Gathered We”


Well I think it may be to soon to say for sure…but I think the embroidery bug may have gotten to her..because she started a more ambitious project……in fact it’s one of my old UFO’s. Maybe if she sticks with this …it could help me finish all of those UFO’s so I can start a new project….you know how we all feel about those? I went back to all of my started projects before I used good fabrics….before I knew about all of those handy erasable markers ect. But they are still worthy of finishing…so I am going to finish them Even if I have to hand them off to my kid to help me!

Have a great day!



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