Roo Mows

Well Roo is the youngest one in the family. And a girl who is kind of babied. Not by me I must say….but by all of the men in the house.



So this year she had to ask if she could learn to mow the lawn. I was thinking to myself “really? She wants to mow the lawn?”..” We can barely get her to clean her room or pick up her dirty clothes out of the bathroom.” But she wants to mow the lawn. apparently that seems like an enticing chore?


IMG_9692 IMG_9693


So Rob told her he would teach her how to mow. He walked her through how to start the mower ect. Clean up the yard. Walk in a straight line ( she will need help with




She got through our front yard just fine..the back yard she did in sessions.   In fact Rob had to “remind” her sevreal times to go back out there & finish. So I guess the lawn mowing isn’t as enticing anymore?

The finished yard: IMG_9696


A trip to walmart for treatsIMG_9697


Yep! Lost of training going on around here.

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