RobinLee’s Blanket Toss

RobinLee made this beautiful quilt of “The Blanket Toss”.

She sent me the cover of the original pattern and aksed me to quilt it the way the designer did. I always fear when peoplesend me the pictures of what the originaldesigner did …only because most of the time it’s a computer design and I can’t really mimic those. But in this case it was an all over stipple with swirls thrown in here and there..totally doable.However..the original designer treated the whole quilt with an all over design and I quilted around the appliques.

It’s a beautiful quilt..pieced beautifully! Glad to share in this process.

Thanks so much!

One thought on “RobinLee’s Blanket Toss

  1. WOW….that is one of my all time favorites……RobinLee I absolutely love your quilt and as usual the quilting is just PERFECT!

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