Rob Is 40!!!

Happy Birthday to Rob!



(this was his white elephant gift at Christmas…….it did have a subway gift card attacked to the back so it wasn’t a complete dud…LOL)


So Rob is 40. He complains about his aches & pains like he is 80. He tells everyone is he actually 29. I have no idea why he worries about his age? I like the fact that I am getting older. Yeah sure the aches & pains and what not aren’t fun. But the wisdom that comes with age is WAY better! What I really hate about when he tells people he is 29->?

Sometimes people believe him. Then he tells them that I am older and calls me a “Cougar” because I like younger men. There were people at church who believed he was younger than me. I was MAD!

He is in fact 3 years older than me. I have never liked younger men. I think it’s rude that he does that to me…it’s not enough that I am fat, suffering with the everyday issues women suffer through with age, bearing lots of children, trying to keep up on oneself while running a household & business….and then he does something like this? HMMMMFFFT!

So just so it’s in writing…ROB is FORTY!!!m ( I am 3 years younger than him)

We aren’t doing any BIG party because Rob isn’t a BIG party type of a guy. He’s rather anti-social. He really only has a couple of friends. We have left the church so pretty much his only social outlet is work. Rob likes being home and food would be his pleasure. So he likes fast food and meat. We are having steaks tonight.

Rob is a blessing to me. I didn’t always think of him that way…honestly. It took us a few years to find our groove. I didn’t understand him & he didn’t understand me. Now I see him for all that he is. I respect him. love him and thank God for him. He works hard for his family. He enjoys spending time with us. He complains to much. He fixes my machines. He now helps me on projects. Our next one is going to be to expand our little garden for next year. YAY! He enjoys a good prank. In fact he is not a guy who smiles. He thinks it’s weird when people walk around with smiles. When I do that he always asks me while I am smiling? Drives me crazy! Normal people smile…..they don’t walk around with scowls.

However, when he plays a prank on someone he will laugh & smile. Unfortunately, I am the one who gets the bad side of these pranks (most of them).  IN fact he came to me last week and said he wants me to buy him a new computer & video camera…so he can retire from his current job and become a You tube sensation. He wants to follow ME around all day with a camera and post videos making fun of me ( & pulling pranks on me). Ummmm Why would I sign up for that much less fund it? He needs to go with plan B.  as funny as he might think it is to make fun of me…..I am not up for that.


I can’t wait to see what life has in store for us! Hopefully it’s not at my expense!

I love you, Honey!



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