So this is the time of year when everybody starting to think of the new year ahead. I am no exception.
I keep thinking of what’s in store for me….. And what do I want out of my life?
What can I do differently to make myself happy… In my role of mother, wife, sister,quilter and friend. It’s not that I’m not happy, I do think I can create more balance and make myself feel more fulfilled in those roles.
So I have been thinking about this, not only do I need more balance in my life, and I need to figure out exactly where I want to go with my business, and how to balance everything in my life.
But I thought in true fashion a way to document all of this would be to make a quilt. At my local quilt shop they are doing a monthly quilt called “Resolutions”….. and it’s a pretty cute quilt…. But it’s not my style really… And it’s not my colors…. And although the resolutions are good they don’t suit me perfectly. So I thought to myself “why don’t you create your own journey?”…. and while processing it…. Make your own personalized resolution quilt. Although I think I need to name it something different “Charisma’s Goals” or “What Makes Charisma”…I am sure it will come to me…during the process.
So each month I will focus on something that I think will benefit me to spend time pondering. Wr what I think is important to me…. What I would like to change… And things that I love.
So I can already envision one block… Being red sparkly shoes….right? Right I mean there has to be some sort of glitter…. sort of like that post i made about wearing the pink glasses… Lately I’ve been wearing my red sparkly shoes…. The glitter of course… And the flowers. That block can be representative of what makes me happy. I can’t say how big the quilt will get….. Because some months I may want to make more than one block….. So this time next year…. I will want to reveal my quilt. But I think along the way I will share the blocks as I go…. So that all of you can join me. I would love to see pictures of all of your blocks… And I will of course share them on my blog.

I would challenge all of you to do the same. You don’t have to necessarily make a quilt… But I would challenge you to document, ponder, or think about what is going to center you. What are your goals? What do you want to accomplish? What makes you happy? I also have several designs and drafted out for embroidery project of my favorite things. I want to work on those this year as well.
I have many things in the works….. But I really think that this is the beginning of the new season for me.
And why not document this? I know I’m a hopeless romantic, too sentimental… But someday I will really love that I’m this way.

Some resolutions that I’ve thought about in no certain order:
1. Being more repentant
this is such a personal thing…. And I think it keeps me humble. Putting GOd first in everything..I try and fall sometimes.
2. Spending more time with my family
3. Walking in the Spirit
4. Being healthy
5. More intricate quilting
6. wearing the red shoes.
7. Being more budget savvy, saving for retirement.
8. Managing time better
9. baking more..maybe canning
10. Taking time to smell the roses

Of course these are just a few things…. And as time progresses, the year progresses….. I’m fairly positive more things will pop up as gentle reminders that I need to enjoy life more.

Have a great day..and think baout your self goals.

One thought on “Resolutions

  1. My goals for 2012.
    1. Take time to smell the roses too!!!
    2. Finish all of my UFO’s.
    3. Walk Bailey on every warm day possible. I need it more than her!
    4. The most challenging one of all….
    I am NOT buying any processed foods…..I am going to make EVERYTHING from scratch. I am not eating out unless it is necessary or we have plans with other people! I know that this is healthier but the real reason is that I am thrying to save money.
    5. Pay off a bill that has hung over my head for several years.
    6.Pray more!
    7. Appreciate every day that God gives me!
    Signed Marilyn

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