This quilt is called Resolutions by Samsarah designs.. I am sharing one of my own right now because it’s late and I don’t want to post somebody’s quilt at midnight. But this so happens to be the time that I am working on my blog…so be it.

I wanted a simple small quilt to use some scraps. I was going through my patterns and books and came across this …..I bought it at a quilter’s yard sale at a quilt show last summer and it turned out a bit wild and cute! I wasn’t a big fan of the colors featured on the original pattern….so I just used scraps and had fun.

So I just fused the applique, then I stitched an applique stitch around them and I hand embroidered all of the details.

I added little buttons and embellishments after quilting for some extra dimension.  What I loved about this quilt is that each block represents a “resolution” to keep. Such as Take more naps, eat well, hold on, always shine ect. ect. They are sweet little reminders of the simple things that make us feel better about our lives. I think we all need those little reminders sometimes.

This was easy and fun to put together.   What are some of your personal resolutions?

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