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Happy Independence day! I feel like I am gaining some independence lately!


I was looking to see if I had a patriotic or QOV ready to show and I didn’t have any pics ready….I am behind in getting everyone’s photos done because I am busy quilting. 🙂  So I thought I would share this quilt. It’s my own quilt that I haven’t shown yet.

I have been treading water since the beginning of the year. I wasn’t able to post why because my family is crazy and there are many vultures. But my grandma is/was ill and i spent half of my weeks in her city helping her and then I had to eventually fly her to Florida to live with my aunt ( her daughter) …i had to pack her house and get everything situated after I did that. The house is sold now and the truth is out. I have a mother and some siblings that would have made life difficult if they knew all that was happening. So everything was a secret. It’s been difficult to manage my house, business and my grandmother…but I did it. I feel like I may be getting caught up soon. So not working several days a week for several months created quite a back log for me…some of my regulars know ..:) everyone has been so patient and kind. Thank you for each week passes I find myself getting closer and closer to being caught up so I can feel independence. This year has been full of so many ups and downs and we are only halfway through.

On top of that I have written of making contact with my father and a brother.  Well as news would have it I actually have another brother. My dad was part of the 70’s culture of free love apparently. ( this could keep happening..that I find new siblings or that they find me.) My father didn’t know of this child. He got a girl pregnant 7 months before my mother got pregnant with me. This gal didn’t tell him. She gave the baby up for adoption. I will call him “A” because he has not yet told his family that he located his birth family,  so I am respecting that. “a” happens to be older than me….I am now a little sister. I have always been the oldest…so I am not sure how to be the younger sister. hehe.

“A” didn’t find out he was adopted until he was 31 and after a bit he decided to locate us. As it happens we went to high school together. Shocking right?

Here’s another shocker….the family that adopted him happens to be the family of my 2 besties. My 2 besties are sisters and “A” is their cousin. Yes. they know and they are respecting the privacy. How crazy is all of this? our paths have crossed numerous times and we had no idea we were half siblings.  We have talked almost every single day since discovery and we have so much in common it’s unreal. He even has a mastiff.  You don’t grow up with someone and you don’t even hang around them…but to have so much in common ..even little things is just uncanny.  He seems normal, happy and healthy. I am so happy for him.  Not all of the siblings can say that….and I am so glad for that. “A”  happens to be coming to WA this week so we are going to meet in person. 🙂 My heart swells.

So All I can say is that God has such great plans.  I am delighted that I am gaining siblings that I can actually have relationships with and share life with. Even if it is at a distance. It’s a nice feeling. God just has a way of making everything come full circle..even if you didn’t know the circle wasn’t complete.

pretty awe struck! God is always surprising me. I love that!

So lets get back to my red & white quilt.


This quilt was a free BOM through my quilt shops…oh I don’t know 8 years ago? somewhere in there….I know crazy right? I didn’t complete all of the blocks. and I think they didn’t have all of the fabrics from the blocks by the time I wanted to finish the I just use what I had.   Which didn’t match the theme of the other fabrics completely…..but I just wanted to complete the top at the time. I even messed up one of the blocks and cut some of the units at the wrong angle….but I kept it the way it was…because I liked the white space in the block. It stayed in the “To be quilted ” tub for quite a few years.

036 037

So the pictures don’t actually give the quilt justice. I couldn’t get the right angle & lighting.

038 039 040 041I used 2 layers of batting. I wanted to do some ruler work. All of that white was just demanding it. So I just had fun building on that….it just all worked from the frames in the side setting triangles. I didn’t have a plan….i just winged it all…trust me I am amazed that it all worked out…without a plan.


041 042 043 044

Each block got block work and I didn’t have a plan until i got to each block and I just let it speak to me.

045 046 047

Sometimes just work out….:)

048 Here are some pictures at a different angle:

052 053 054 055

You can’t really see in the border fabrics because the fabrics are so busy…but I quilted my typical leaves and feathers. I wasn’t going to do a lot of fancy stitching there because i knew it wouldn’t be seen.

056The back is butterflies. 🙂

Thanks you so much for following along. I appreciate you all more than you will ever know.


Happy 4th Of july!



4 thoughts on “Red & White & Family Business

  1. Beautiful quilt and quilting. Yes, God works in mysterious ways….there is a plan for us and yours seems to be unfolding week by week. Love all of your stories and how honest you are in everything. You seem to go with the flow, although I know it’s very hard at times. GOD bless you for everything you have gone through, shared with us, etc. You cannot believe how inspiring you are!!! Keep on…..and thank you SO much.

  2. Charisma, you still amaze me each time I hear one of your stories. I am not surprised tha t God has you as one of his special angels. I have felt this way since I first saw you on QB and grew to love your work. You are one of the people that makes the world a better place and I pray God continues to fill your life with blessings. Bless you, darling lady, and success in all you do and with all those you love. (Roberta)

  3. What a great story and I love the wonderful way you quilted your quilt. You are an exceptional quilter!!!

  4. I am so touched by your life and your example. You succeed in following the example of Jesus and I am so grateful. I feel you are a blessing to all of us and to your sweet family. How blessed we all are. Kathleen

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