Red, White & Blue

I love the look of this quilt. Kelly made this …she is a local beginner quilter.



As soon as I pulled it out & started loading it on the frame Roo said “Ooooh that’s pretty” I thought the same thing. Even though it’s patriotic colors the look & feel of the fabrics are just kind of comfortable & soft…in a way. In my house the kids see quilts so often they don’t usually get a response…if they’s worth noting. LOL




I quilted all over flowers & leaves because h\that’s what was in a few of the prints and it fit the fresh country-ish type theme. It finished up beautifully!  IMG_9621 IMG_9622


Here is the back…so pretty & you can see the quilting. IMG_9624

Thanks so much for looking everyone! I hope you all have  wonderful day!

I am hoping I can share pictures with you later today or tomorrow. Clarissa (Roo) and I are going to drive with Cindi over to Pateros with a trailer full of donations for the fire victims.  I am sure you have heard the news about the devastating fires in our area…of central Washington. Clarissa really wanted to go…and I thought it may be a good “mission” experience for her to see. I really want my children to have compassion and help humanity as they grow. So I know there is nothing we can do to in a major way to help all of these people….but I hope we can help with comforts for a minute at least.

Please pray for these people. We will be taking any quilts or other donations. Please contact me if you have any to send. Thank you so much! Blessings

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