Rattles and Ribbons

IMG_5083Beverly sent this quilt. she is a friend of one of my friends….that I met through quilting.:)IMG_5084

Bev asked that I quilt this but not quilt over the appliques. she needle turn appliqued all of these…and I don’t blame her for wanting them left alone. I wonder if this is a Bunny hill Pattern? I am not sure? It looks like it could be? But I love the ribbons in the corners..& the stork! He’s so adorable! Bev did a great job! It’s a beauty! I echoed around every other design and then filled in different design in the opposite squares. I quilted loops,& charisma curls. I just wanted to give some life to this quilt…it’s a perfect gift! IMG_5085 IMG_5086 IMG_5087 IMG_5088

Thanks Beverly! It’s a pleasure working with you! Have a great show!IMG_5089



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