Random Flowers

This pattern is called Random Flowers by a company called Random Threadz. You can find the pattern here.

I liked the pattern immediately but I wanted to put my own spin on it…with bright and crazy fabrics. It just appeals to all of my senses.


My friend T pieced it for me….I didn’t even look at the pattern-> she does applique for me…..and I had assumed that the arcs were appliqued….they are pieced…so she got a lesson in curved piecing….I am sure she ripped her hair out over that……I am surprised she is still my friend. LOL! Thanks T! I owe you!

I have had this for awhile ( I actually have lots of pieced tops waiting to be quilted) …I like to have time to think about certain projects and stretch myself to learn and try new things.



I wanted this to go into the quilt show…..I like to enter a few categories so that I have exposure in several areas…..and to show different quilting techniques.  I was looking at this for several weeks trying to figure out how I was going to quilt it and it had me stumped. I hate it when that happens and I am on deadlines. Poor Beth is then rushed to get bindings on….:( I am surprised she hasn’t cut me off either..LOL.

I almost thought…oh forget it…..just don’t quilt it. Then I thought…”No, Charisma you entered it you must follow through” so I kept searching my brain…then it came to me…finally.

024 025 026Flower boxes…..Flower baskets….feathers….I kept coming back to feathers for some reason…so I did include them in the center. Then I thought boxes…boxes..frames. So I quilted frames in the center of the blocks to make it look like the flowers were sitting on top of them…..and I added different textures to fill them.

026 027 028 029

I was inspired by some Sue Spargo images to quilt my borders the way I did…I can’t tell you why or what I saw to make me think of that…but the primitive flowers and curves in many of  her quilted designs just made me think about it…..and I made it up as I went along. I am pretty much in love with my borders.

034 035The back…..I just chose something light that was in my stash…..it’s wall hanging size…so it’s nothing fancy.

032 033

So I had a great time quilting this….it took tons of time..but I am glad I finished it. Beth has it so it will be ready in time for the show. I am finally happy that something I quilted for this show turned out to be as great as I had imagined…I am off lately. I think it’s burn out. So things just haven’t been coming together on my own projects.

So I am glad my last one is finished. whew! I made it!

I hope you have have a wonderful day!



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