Ranch Pasta Salad

We have a war of the pasta Salads around here.

I make two summer Pasta salads ….half of my family loves one…..the other half loves the other one. So if I make one or the other …half of my family thinks I am favoring someone else.

Oh  Bother!

So I thought I would share one of the recipes today:


1 box of small shell pasta

half a bunch of celery….sliced very thin or diced small …cooked, drained and rinsed with cold water.

real bacon bits (A whole package)

1 can of olives sliced

1 package of Parmesan cheese

1 bunch of sliced green onions

equal parts of  prepared ranch dressing and mayo (maybe 3/4 cup of each) depends on how much dressing you like on your salad.

Combine all ingredients and mix. Refrigerate until everything is marinated together…about 60-90 minutes.




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