Rainbow Ribbons

This was made by Annette for me….I know..you have been seeing a lot of her work lately. It’s because we have been working together a long time and she is very prolific…for every quilt you see of mine….she has one of her own that comes my way. I quilt one for her for everyone that she makes me from my scraps.

I just collect a lot of quilt tops and don’t get around to quilting mine right away..all of the time.

I wanted to test out this feather design…I didn’t see this feather panto right away and I had wondered why our system didn’t come with one…then what do you know I found it. I fell in love….it’s a lovely pattern.

It took a long time because it’s pretty detailed..but oh so worth it! It’s another practice quilt. I have learned that not all designs are equal….not all designs quilt the same and it’s best to know how they work so I know if they will translate well on quilts. This is a great one.

Thanks Annette! they are all so beautiful..thank you for blessing me with your works!

Many blessings to all of you today! Please send a little prayer for me and my friends as we will be traveling home tomorrow…long flight, safe travels and hopefully well rested.




One thought on “Rainbow Ribbons

  1. When you have dark background and light backing, what color quilting thread should be used? Does the nylon thread work well for longarms?

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