Rainbow Lonestar

Mike made this quilt….He has been wanting to make a Lonestar for as long as I have known him…he made a few in preparation for a special project he is making as “Practice” ( I know we all just want to smack him….pfft! Practice!). This is one of those practice quilts.

IMG_2046He is gifting this to his mom as a wedding gift. She is getting married in a few weeks and this is a special gift for her. 🙂  What a great son!



I tried to get good pictures…but I am not sure I had the right lighting..or if it’s just the size or what ..but I was having a difficult time getting any decent pictures of the quilting.

IMG_2054I did a loose water-swirl design in the background….and continuous curves in the diamonds…along with a swirl in each center of teh diamond. It was a pretty big space..and I thought it needed a bit of extra “bling”…:)

IMG_2052I put twirling swirls in the red center star to change it up a bit.

IMG_2051It’s a beautiful quilt…a great gift and it’s HUGE!!

IMG_2048 IMG_2047 IMG_2046

We chose a batik backing….the same one we used on his Navaho Rose that I Posted a few days ago. 🙂


It turned out beautifully. I will be shipping this back home tomorrow …so we can make the wedding date.

Blessings to the new couple!



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