R.I.P. Brodie Dickinson

Tonight we had to put down our 14 year old yellow lab, Brodie. My DOgs

It has been coming on….I am not shocked. he lived a long life…and he was struggling a bit at the end. The seizures came on gradually maybe one every 6-8 months to monthly-to weekly then more days than not. Today was a series of one after another. He wasn’t eating, enjoying life and not able to walk. That’s no way to live…for a special Dog like him.

Have you seen Marley & me? He was just like that dog. Clarissa & I only watched that movie once…because it cut us to the heart. I feel like that all over again tonight.

When we first got him I couldn’t stand him…he humped everything, chewed sticks…went crazy for fetch and was crazy hyper. I sent him to my in-laws in the country for a few months he came back The-Best-Dog-Ever! In fact they didn’t want to send him back home..they wanted to keep him. I told they they could and Rob said “no”. I am glad he did….because I didn’t think they could be that much of a change in a dog. I ended up taking him with us everywhere. Rob was new to his job and low man on the list. So I took the kids camping, picnicking and all of those summer events by myself. I always took Brodie with us. In fact one camping trip we played Fetch with him so much…when we brought him home he laid in the bathroom for 3 days.I thought I had killed him. He must have been sore from all the swimming & playing.:) The bathroom was always his safe place if we weren’t around. He liked to lay in the bathtub when fireworks were going off…or a sound he didn’t like….like thunder.  If he felt sick he liked to be in the bathroom. DSC00034

When Cole was in the second grade we went to his conference. second grade is the year they started keeping writing journals. They were allotted so much time each day to write a story so they could learn about punctuation, sentence structure, & paragraphs ect. They also had to sometimes draw pictures or illustrations to go with their writings. as we sat down to discuss his writing the teacher said …well first of all I know you have a yellow dog named Brodie because that is who Cole writes about in every story. 🙂 The pictures were always a little boy with a yellow dog.

Brodie always made sure we had a vet bill. Several bad teeth, abscesses from not paying attention to his body & feet while fetching. Later in life he got hot spots so we had to make sure he was cleaned really well….ect. But he never complained. Even when he pooped in my car from an infection he had…I could never get mad at him. He was always up for constant companionship. He always wanted love & pets. especially when I came down to blog. I would love him and he would lay at me feet. I will surely miss him.

The last few years he has really been quiet & just comforting. I would let him come into my studio & sleep when he needed to get away from it all. I favored him and let him have what he wanted. I always snuck him people food and let him eat my fat. DSC00047

I don’t handle loss well. I had another dog…a husky named Sadie. She was strictly my dog and she offered me protection & comfort. It took me awhile to learn how to be a proper dog owner. As a kid we didn’t really have pets that stayed long term….Sadie ( like my first child & I) had to learn together. We had ups & downs. Brodie has been my second dog and I did everything a bit better. He had regular check ups..regular care and he lived a long life. We never tied him up or left him in a kennel ..he was just one of us. It took me a long time to get over Sadie. We accommodate them , love them and they are a part of our daily rituals. Even if we don’t see it that way until they are gone. A piece of my heart is resting with both Sadie & Brodie.  They each offered me a different kind of comfort. They each provided me with ( & our family) with different needs…equally valuable and in the perfect timing. I think God gave them to us. I am thankful for that. My heart is so broken I don’t think I ever want another animal. Once Princess (the cat) & Gracie pass….I think That’s all I can handle. I said that after Sadie left us..and I still feel the same way. I don’t want to get attached just to lose them after a few short years. I know some people just see it as the way life works..and maybe some see them as just pets. But I don’t feel that way. In my heart I just feel like it’s broken and grief. I just feel grief. I know It will all be ok…I know I will heal. Life will go on. But I must feel this to move on properly.

In the last couple of years he had calmed down enough to let Clarissa walk him. She would walk him pretty regularly. whenever she came into the room he would follow her around and love her. The funny thing about that is we got Brodie when she was 2. She has been an animal lover since birth. We went to go see him from an add in the paper. they had given him a bath and then he went rolled in the dirt. By the time we saw him he looked like CUJO. I was unsure. Rob was wondering…..Carl & Jeri were unsure. Brodie went right up to Clarissa…muddy and scary. I thought he was going to knock her over..or that she would get scared and run or cry. She looked at him in her pink & green dress….he looked at her ..trying to get her to throw his ball. I said “Roo do you want this dog?” She looked at me and nodded her head & said “yes” She just knew he was supposed to be ours….even though all the rest of us thought…”oh boy!”  We loaded him up…they handed us an envelope with his papers. We said those are not needed we will fix him and we were off. they just didn’t want him to be a part of some puppy mill..he was really a pretty dog after he got cleaned up. hehe. He was so beautiful..inside & out.

So here are some photos. I actually have a dozens of him because he was so much a part of everything…Picture 001

Picture 195 Picture 605 Picture 738

I have photos of him with birthday hats. With beads and necklaces on….he didn’t care. He was the perfect kid dog. So This is a heartfelt good-bye to our faithful family member Brodie. We already miss you. We love you and know you are in a better place.

Blessings to all of you! Pets offer us unconditional love…so all other pet owners know what we are experiencing. Blessings!


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