Quotes 90-92 for quote quilt




“One of the best things we can give ourselves is time alone with God”

I try to set aside time every-single-day to read God’s word and pray. Even if it’s just one or the other …I feel it’s important. However we can get that time in we have to do it for ourselves.



“if you Rest, you rust”

One of my Fb friends sent me this quote. I thought it was perfect. She said that her grandma used to say it all of the time. I think it’s so appropriate and suits me perfectly…..I find it hard to sit and rest sometimes. 🙂



I asked my other brother, Will if he had a special quote that he said to himself…and this is the one he shared.

“This too shall pass”

I think this is so appropriate for Will’s life as he has had many struggles. I think we all have struggles and if we keep the hope and faith that This too shall pass it makes life a bit easier.

I think we can all learn from this.

One more week of Quotes and they are all finished…at least with the embroidery. 🙂


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