Quote Quilt Week 3

Can you believe it’s the 3rd week? I have saved so many quotes that I want to put into my quilt already….:) I knew that would happen.

My friend Cindi sent me this quote this week…I thought it was so perfect for me. I say something like this on a regular basis…..

“Success is Measured by the quality of your Journey”

By Jennifer James

How true is that? How many times have we talked about  enjoying the journey…not just focusing on the destination but the actual journey. I try to think about this often…especially when I load my schedule with to  many things…when I get overwhelmed and want to huddle in a ball and hummmm to myself. LOL Success isn’t the actual destination…sometimes. How many times have you convinced yourself that once you get to a certain goal that everything will fall into place? Then once you get there ….nothing changes..noting falls into place…reaching that goal wasn’t what you thought it would be. Sometimes we think if we make more money our life will be better…or if we  get organized our life will be better…..or maybe if I lost 100 pounds everything will be better. Then when it happens you find out you still have all of the same flaws & afflictions that you had before that goal happened. How great would it be to just enjoy the process? How about if we decide to make each moment a quality moment…living life rather than surviving it? I can describe many people around me….by saying they just survive life..they don’t live it. I think that is so sad. I can get caught up in that as well…and than I have to purposefully slow myself down and enjoy right now. That is why I try to find the blessing in each day. If we focus on the blessings ….we are really focusing on quality…..not quantity.



So I finished the embroidery…I used batting as a stabilizer.


I used 2 different colored gray threads…and more strands in the big words to make it look bigger.

I am so excited for this quilt…..it just makes me giddy.

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

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