Quote Quilt Sunday

OK so it’s that time again. I chose a quote this week from a meme on FB. We all love FB don’t we? As much as my kids say that FB is so NOT cool…instagram and snapchat are the way to go…..well I disagree. I love FB. So I think it only appropriate that I should find some quotes on there that  I love.

When I saw this one I thought it so true.


I can’t change what today is…..or what I am…..in some respects. But I can try to see the beauty in each day …in myself and in my surroundings. I know maybe most people don’t have to think about their worth in everyday life….but I do. I have to try and battle that inner reel that plays in my head constantly that says: “You are not good enough.” ….”Look where you came from” …..ect. I know we all have that. Every single one of us. We may not have the same exact reel running…but we all have one whatever it says.

All the Dr. Phil’s of the the world wouldn’t be needed if it wasn’t….but some of us learn to squash that reel …pause it, stop it whatever by replacing it will good things to say to ourselves. The way we do that is by focusing on one good thing about ourselves..and once we get that part down we find something else to add to the list along the way until finally that bad inner talk goes away.  For women especially beauty is such a “Thing”

The way our culture focuses on that  word” beauty” has created lots of chaos, discord…ect. It’s all in the eye of the beholder…..meaning its subjective.

But I digress……I try to focus on my inner beauty a lot ….because I think that will take over whatever flaws my outward appearance has.:)   I have always said to my girls “If you look good you feel good!” It’s true…both ways.

So I hope you are all thinking about quotes you love….and making progress.

Most of this process …honestly just makes me focus on my inner self…and what I want  to represent…..what I want to be surrounded with…..I am having a  difficult time committing to funny quotes….I guess i haven’t found the perfect one….. But honestly. I think it’s because I am serious person much of the time…and I get lost in my thoughts. So if I were to think about how this quilt will reflect me…well that just makes sense that most of my quotes will be heartfelt thoughtful quotes.

I hope you all have a blessed day…I hope it will be beautiful inside & out!



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