Quote Quilt Sunday #’s 54-56


#54 “Love is a Great beautifier”

How true is this? Love can make you see things that aren’t there..love can blind you. Love can also make all bad things better. Love is AMAZING!




“Woman work a great many miracles”

I am pretty sure this is from one of my favorite books it’s either P&P or Little Women.

Woman are amazing!! and we do work miracles everyday….not that my husband would ever notice. LOL




This is a quote from P&P (Pride& Prejudice)

“Till this moment I never knew myself”

Ahhhh I just love this movie, book and love story. Now I have carried that tradition on to Clarissa as she had read the book and loves the story too.

I am getting closer to have them all finished….i have 96 to do..so I am over halfway finished. YAY!!


I hope you all have a fabulous Sunday!

One thought on “Quote Quilt Sunday #’s 54-56

  1. C, love those books as well. Just finished Jane Eyre AGAIN~ I’m working a beautiful cross-stich in her honor. Here is the quote:
    “I ask you to pass through life at my side, to be my second self, and best earthly companion”.
    I almost cry just reading it- can’t wait to finish it!!

    Love your quilt. Cannot wait to see it finished!!!!!!

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