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So I think I stated that I needed 96 blocks for my quote quilt…..I am almost a quarter of the way there ( bc I got side tracked) because one of my quotes so far takes up 2 blocks…and next weeks quote is so HUGE it takes up 4 blocks….so I am making progress. I keep collecting more & more quotes. I am thinking I really like dream quotes….probably because I have spent half of my life day-dreaming. 🙂

But this one was a quick one… 002

I think there are times in my life where I have not believed I could…but I still had to take the leap of faith and try…..and I made it despite my belief. I talk about those times far more often than I talk about the times where I just will or believe I can do something out of my comfort zone and I just do it.

I think it’s not in my nature to just have peace and be comfortable with something without second guessing myself. I am always shocked when it does happen…but it has been happening more and more the older I get. I guess it’s part of growing up.

I am on a journey right now with exercising and losing weight. I am not an athlete in any way shape or form. Truly. I wasn’t as a kid. I have poor coordination ( unless it’s with my hands and artistry type things). I am not in tune with my body. As far as I have a high tolerance for pain ( due to child abuse I experienced…I have cut myself off from the pain my body experiences…..so many times I am in trouble and I don’t know it) ….I don’t know how to make my body move in certain ways and I am unaware of how I look when I do something such as dancing, aerobics ect. I just do my best and hope for the best.

So pushing myself to the limits of exercise and getting my body & mind to coordinate has been a struggle. I feel like I am getting the eating under control with the help of my little sleeve……but that is temporary. So I have to get my body in shape and on board.  There has only been 1 time where i let my brain talk me out of finishing a work-out…..I just wanted to give up. I remember that one time more than any other…because most of the time I come up with ways to fight that inclination. I will focus on 1 little thing to get me to the next hurdle….or push negative thoughts out of my mind. I have to believe I can do this.  And I am. That’s a struggle. But I am believing it. Every single day.

There are many things in our lives that if we just believe….we can do it…then we will. I have to remember this.

001Thanks for hanging in there!

Blessings to all of you this week!


One thought on “Quote Quilt Sunday

  1. I totally understand your feelings. I dont think a lot of women are taught to believe in themselves, especially in my generation. But you are fighting the good fight snd i believe im you!

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