Quote Quilt Sunday

What do you know…I have another installment of Quote quilt Sunday. I am still working on my favorite one…and it will probably be my biggest one….( maybe) so maybe it will be finished next week? I am not sure. But here is this one:


This is one by Maya Angelou

I am a big fan of hers. I have watched her on several shows ( Oprah and OWN) I love her story. I love her love Of God. I love how she saw the world and how she acted to change it in little ways…with words….and with her actions. I think when you see someone like Maya….you just know what they stand for and they are not afraid to let you know it, by just being who they are. A daughter of the King.

The quote is this ” I’ve learned that People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

How true is that?

I can’t quote things that people say all of the time ( oddly enough) when I am in a conversation….but I can absolutely tell you how I felt about it. Whether it be good or bad. I think that resonates with so many situations. You know when you come into contact with a person right away if it’s going to be a warm inviting moment or a nothing moment.

I would like to say that I want to be a person that invokes warmness and kindness in everyone. I know I don’t. I am human.


But I would like to think I put in an effort ( mostly).

So I think we need to make it our mission to think about this quote this week. Let’s make people around us feel good. Let’s keep that in the forefront of our minds…and I promise we will all have a great week!

Blessings to all of you!


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