Quote Quilt 30-37

Yes….I have obviously been busy…..7 quotes complete for the quote quilt.

You can find more info on that quilt here.

I have been having a lot of travel time and sitting time as I am working on a personal issue.


So this is #30. “The Lord your God will bless you in all your works and in all to which you put your hand.” Deuteronomy 15:10

This was a fitting quote considering I work with my hands in almost everything I do. 🙂

Here is #31:


“It doesn’t get easier, you just keep getting Stronger”

How true is this statement? I find comfort in that actually. Who wants to keep experiencing the same thing over & over. I would rather go through the battles knowing that I am gaining something….strength, wisdom & experience.

Here is #32

055This is a quote by Jack Canfeild. as soon as i heard him say it in an interview I write it down to include in my quilt. He believes that if you have a dream…you can make it come true. I believe this to be so true…..it just resonates in my soul.


056This quote is by John Hagee. “Love is not what we say, Love is what we do!”

I have always said actions speak louder than words. I feel this so much right now. All of those people that say they will do things and don’t follow through in our lives. It’s heartbreaking.

I am making it my motto to do what I say.



“Be Ye Thankful”

I loved the font on this….and who doesn’t need a reminder to be thankful? I know I do.



“we are happy when we are growing” This came from the book I read a few months ago called The Happiness Project. This just speaks to me. I know I am never going to reach some pivotal moment of done-ness. So I have realized as long as I am growing I am happy. If I stay stagnant….I am not happy.



“The price of discipline is always less that the pain of regret”

I never want to live with regrets. I always try to opt for discipline. I am good in most areas when I apply myself. I truly believe in this philosophy.



“You become like the people you spend the most time with. Choose wisely. ”

We need to surround ourselves with like minded people. I have learned this in my life. I have had to walk away from many people because they were unhealthy or not on the same path as me. Not in a judgmental way but in a “I love you so I have to let you go” kind of a way. it was the best choices for us….and now I surround myself with people that love me and I love them. It’s so much better going through life with healthy people.

Now I am tracing more quotes to get that traveling bag ready for the next trip. It’s so nice & relaxing to have a project like this because the time passes by much quicker and I get to focus on beautiful quotes that make me ponder about bigger things.

I can’t lie…..I am so excited to see this quilt completed. I feel like it’s so personal and will reflect a lot of my beliefs and values.

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Quote Quilt 30-37

  1. So many great quotes! Thanks for showing them to us….. Anxious to see the quilt when it is finished.

  2. “What you are speaks so loudly, I cannot hear what you say”.
    I think this quote is very good. It lets us know that actions speak louder than words. I love your actions, Charisma. God bless you. Roberta

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