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Hi friends! Happy Easter!

I should have made a quote pertaining to our Savior…..and I will eventually ..but truth be told ….I have been crazy busy and I am blessed to have any finish at all. I have been feeling a bit tired….and detached because I haven’t even been able to do any sewing at all. Friday night when I was really out of sorts in my head….I did sit down to put together some improv blocks out of my Tula scraps. So that did make me feel better. I have 6 blocks done…but no plan so far. I was thinking I would put together a bag…but apparently I had more scraps than I thought….so I think I can make a quilt. 🙂



Anyway this week I embroidered my monogram. In order to get the size I wanted I had to print it in portrait…which means it will actually take up 2 blocks in my quilt…because all of my other quotes are printed in landscape. I am ok with that. I am thinking I will just add pretty borders to my monogram and place it strategically within my quilt. I embellished it with buttons as well. I used a few different colors of threads..all within the brown & gray color ways of course.

I really love this line of monograms..I have used them before. They are from the site… WWW.needlenthread.com. You can click here.

They have the whole alphabet there…they actually have a few. I just tend to always fall back to this one..it just appeals to me.

So I am kind of cheating this week…I have two blocks “worth” of quotes…but only the one stitchery finished. 🙂 But hey…a finish is a finish.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!



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  1. Dear lady, your work is so beautiful. I just love to see what you are doing, and read your stories. God bless you and yours. Patty

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