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Hi friends,

I have been MIA..I have plenty of quilts to share …things have been rocky for my family. I can’t talk about it right now. But I will share at some point.

But I had some down time while out of town and to pass the time ( while praying) I stitched some quotes. I always have some quotes printed out and ready to go when I am in need of  hand project…which is really great. I was glad to have the distraction. I have some old stitchery to work on as well…but I really love my Quote quilt so …I was glad to get a few more complete. As soon as I got home I printed out a few more.

As some of you know I am making a Quilt of Quotes. Here is my original post explaining it all, Here.

So this first one is by Laura Ingalls Wilder ( I am pretty sure)

017“Do not let the endless succession of small things crowd GREAT IDEALS out of sight and out of mind”

How many times do we let little things get in the way of our ideals? we can let little everyday things take away time from our family, the bible devotions, the ideals we strive for and think about. I do that a lot when I get out of balance and then I have to bring myself back to center …adn think about what will really bring me peace and happiness.

Quote #28 is:

016“Collect Moments. Not things”

I got this from a facebook meme. It pretty much says it all. I thought about this quote a lot while working on it and facing my family ER.

Quote #29 is by Brene Brown

015“When we deny the story it defines us. When we own the story we can write a brave new ending”

This is from her Daring Greatly book. I am reading it right now and working on her lessons. I signed up for her class….and I believe in this quote. I have been living an authentic life ( or trying to)  for a while now…and I whole heartedly believe in this.

We need to face our truth…and be brave. Be vulnerable…and then we can own it and create the life we want. I am getting in the scary arena…and I will explain more about that later.

Thank you for following along. I really appreciate it…and I will have posts of quilts for you.

Happy Valentines day!!




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