Quote Quilt

So it the chaos of my life…I have not been posting pics of my quotes…..So I will post 2 a week until I catch up…I am still working on them….i just got behind with EVERYTHING…this is no exception. 🙂


IMG_1328This quote is by Oscar Wilde.

I love this quote because when you decide to quit pleasing others and come into your own…really own who you are and accept yourself….it’s a beautiful thing.

I have learned that the real me…flaws and all is so much better than any fake version of me. I won’t please everyone no matter how much I try…and I am a woman who knows what she likes & what she doesn’t like. I have accepted myself and I don’t want to be anyone else. Oscar had it right!


This next one is by Gandhi. I actually have this quote hanging to a mirror in my bathroom so I can see it everyday.


I love Gandhi and his philosophy and what he stands for. He even has a quote talking about Jesus….he liked Jesus…just not his followers. I could go on about how that speaks volumes about many subjects…but I will save that for another day. “Be the change you wish to see in this world” I see and read this everyday…it’s only appropriate that i put it in my quote quilt. I really have changed my life in so many ways…as a result of that I am creating an environment to raise children to go out and change the world as well. I know we are small drops in a big pond…but I am firm believer that small things create big ripples….If I didn’t believe that I wouldn’t be able to live this life…so I must believe that in my heart & soul. Every change has to start with me..one tiny step…to get big steps. I know the world will have an awakening one day.

Tahnks so much for hanging in with me during these silent times. I am hoping that I can catch up someday. LOL!

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