Quilt’s of Valor

Faith is part of organizing the QOV northwest Group in Oregon & Washington.

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She brought me 4 QOV to quilt…..they are focusing on presenting to WAR veterans at this time and they have an event coming up….so they wanted these done …..so I delivered. 🙂

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They have people volunteering materials, battings, thread, time, sewing and quilting. They are constantly working and I give it up to her team.

I believe in this cause. I can’t say it enough. Veterans and military are close to my heart. Being born a Woman in America is a blessing beyond measure and I am thankful.

065 064 063 062If you would like to donate or help this group..please contact me….and I will give you the info. They are a nice group of people and could use all resources they could get. They have a FB group and they show pictures and updates of all of the events that the quilts are gifted.

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Thanks Faith! I am glad to help.

I hope you all have plenty of fast binders!


5 thoughts on “Quilt’s of Valor

  1. Each of these is beautiful and will be appreciated for sure. The first one is stunning – very different. What a great design! As always, your quilting sure compliments the quilts.

  2. Beautiful quilts. Kudus to the quilters, and to the “long arm quilter”……the recipients are the lucky ones and should appreciate all this hard work and especially on being remembered.

  3. Thank you so much Charisma! All of these Quilts of Valor are beautiful!Yes we are working hard to get our WWII Veterans “Covered” as the youngest is now almost 89 years old. Your help is so appreciated as you have now helped us quilt over 10 quilts I believe? I am only the Special events coordinator for NW Oregon, but if you want to contact us we would be happy to help you find homes for anything you wish to donate. Lynda Lutz is our NW Oregon state Coordinator. Also, don’t be afraid to make a 12 1/2 inch block or two of your own and find a group to make a quilt or two. You do NOT need to be a member of the foundation to make one, but membership does have its privileges. All help is welcome. Thank you Charisma and to all quilters for all that you do.

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