Quilts for Phyllis

We have two more crawling babies quilts…..and a 30’s sampler.

I have been quilting many 30’s quilts lately..I think 6 in the last week…I usually don’t get many of them….but I have had vintage ones lately and quilts made from the reproductions…They are starting to really call my name. I may need to make one for myself….. I actually don’t have a 30’s quilt…pretty amazing!

I had lots of fun with this sampler..honestly to see it come to life…I worked so steadily on it…I had it finished in no time..that’ how I can really tell that I am excited about a project….if it can keep my attention. Most samplers do….cause I love rolling the quilt to see what comes next.


Anyway…..Here are the quilts! Thatnks Phyllis! It is a pleaseure working with you!

One thought on “Quilts for Phyllis

  1. How fun to see these adorable quilts! I love ’30’s. I always said I was supposed to be a ’30’s baby!!

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