Quilts for Pat

Pat in Atlanta…sent these quilt to my boys for quilting. Cole has been busy..so Carl actually quilted both of them ( he thinks he is rich now…lol) and that’s great because he just bought a wrecked car from my brother and he needs the money to fix it up. It just has slight damage…but he will have time toput in a little money here and there..of course Rob (otherwise known as my “Illustrious Arm Candy”) will be helping him. So he can learn to drive inhis own car..and be all set up when the time comes….(a year). It’s a black toyota camry ( 1992).


Anyway…the quilts Pat sent are really pretty…30’s and BRW….always a good combo. They got theallover stipple….and very cozy.


Thanks a bunch Pat!


One thought on “Quilts for Pat

  1. Oh they look so good!! Carl thanks so much for your wonderful work. The BWR is a charity quilt for a vet. I am not sure about the other one. I keep hoping that I might get a little girl grandchild one of these days to keep my two grandsons on their toes! Fingers crossed but not asking!! Trying to be a good Mom and MIL!

    Thanks Carl. Glad to be helping with the car. How exciting!


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