Quilts For Alma

Alma is Beth’s ( you know my binder?) Sister. Alma lives in the south but she is from our neck of the woods.

She is a great piecer. I love all of her projects. IMG_9135

She made these two quilts for charity. They are both going to auctions for fundraising events for her son. Her son is graduating this next year….and the eagle quilt will be a school fundraiser.   Their mascot is the eagle….:) IMG_9136

Isn’t that pop of blue just fantastic? IMG_9137 IMG_9138

She also used a blue backingIMG_9139

The ext one is for a special cause. Her son has hemophilia and goes to a special summer program and to help support this cause this next quilt will be auctioned off. The theme of the event is Hawaii…so she got this center panel and some batiks and put together this quilt. SO pretty!  The pattern is by Swirly girls…she had to revise it a bit to make it all fit together. But I think it just turned out lovely. IMG_9140I quilted Charisma Curls, ferns, continuous curves and outlined. IMG_9141 IMG_9142 IMG_9143

See all that beautiful texture? IMG_9144 IMG_9146

The lighting quickly changed while I was taking pictures…so the backing shot didn’t turn out so well. But it’s a light backing and shows the quilting pretty well. IMG_9147

Thanks Alma!  always a pleasure working with you!

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