Quilting and Quilters~ The 1%

I have some more thoughts to share….just some things I have been noticing lately. Here I am silent for such a long time and then all of a sudden 2 days in a row I want to chat your ears off….hehe.

As some of you know I am pretty active on Fb and Instagram. I am a part of several groups dedicated to quilting and longarm quilting. I am usually not real active in the groups. Usually, just on my own pages or my own groups.

I believe 99% of quilters are good people. We are generous and kind and honest people. I truly believe that. Every now and again you run across some negative people and for the most part I can avoid them. I have a few philosophies on quilting…and I have been in the business for awhile. I worked at a quilt shop , I am a quilter, I have worked at shows ect. So I have worked in many areas.

I am not one of those quilters that gets jealous if one of my customers takes a quilt to another longarm quilter. I believe that we all have different styles and flavors. If someone wants to take a particular quilt to a particular quilter that has a certain style they prefer for that particular quilt than by all means, please do so. I have given my own quilts to be quilted to other quilters before.  I really want the quilter to be happy with the end product no matter how that happens. Each quilt is it’s own canvas. I respect all of my customers who tell me not to publish pictures ect because they don’t want their quilter to find out…ect ect.

I have also been asked several times How I do this or that? I am always willing to share anything I have learned along the way. Why wouldn’t I? We are all here to inspire and help each other along the way. Sometimes people are in fear of asking because they think I wont share information because they think, that maybe, I think they are treading on my territory. I am not one of those people who won’t share a recipe or tell what a secret ingredient is…..I don’t understand those types of people…what does it matter? I am not so insecure that I think I will lose something by sharing information that I have. In fact I believe that God provides my work and he always gives me what I need to get by….so it’s a non issue. So by sharing information I am helping someone else accomplish a goal and dream…to me that is gaining something. There is a reason I have been through that path..it’s to share.  Also common sense tells me that I cannot possible quilt all of the quilts in the universe that need to be quilted.

I am saying all of this …because lately it seems that I have been disheartened by some things that people say online.  The last couple of weeks in several longarm groups new owners have been asking specific questions about starting a longarm business. It seems like there are so many negative people that comment on them to discourage them from starting a business. Telling them all of the negative things..how difficult it is to get established, how difficult it is on your body, all of the paperwork and taxes, how it’s difficult to please people…yadda-yadda. What are these people? Dream Crushers!!

Seriously,  there are always positives and negatives to everything. I understand that. I suffer from neck, shoulder and back and leg pain from standing at the machine and hunching over anytime I have detail work and I have to take breaks. ect. I hate paperwork. I hate that I have to pay so many taxes on everything. I hate all of those things. I also hate when someone is not pleased with my work. It happens to EVERYONE! but why would you get on and shoot someone’s dreams down that way? Why give them all of that negative …are we all not human> ?  We all struggle with doubts…especially when we are trying to take a leap into unchartered territory. I realize it’s nice to know all of the angles….but why focus on the negative things when you have a dream? So when I comment, I try to keep everything positive and focus on answering the question being asked. Trust me when I say that I found it difficult to take the leap to start my own business. I stress about it every single month of my life. By the grace of God, his blessing me with talent…and good people to work with I make it each month. If I focused on all of the bad…you might as well throw in the towel and call it a day.

I also get looked down upon in some of those groups. I get grief because of my pricing. I want to continue to eat and operate..so I price my work in way to keep paying the bills, keep a steady stream of work and keep in line with others. I am little on the low side…but then some locals think I am expensive? LOL. I think it’s funny that you can’t please everyone…but sometimes when I get grief from other longarmers I just want to say “How much work are you getting?” I have no idea what they are really doing because they are not in front of me.  You would be amazed at what people say when they are at a keyboard ->behind a screen. I don’t engage. I just let them say what they want because I refuse to justify myself to them. But again I feel like that is not uplifting.  Don’t we join these groups to uplift and inspire each other? I want to engage with people on social media because it’s supposed to be a happy place. Sometimes it’s not.

So here I am writing a whole post about the 1% that are negative. I know the irony there. It just seems like I have seen  so many comments lately with negative remarks….that it is really bothering me.  I understand when people want to avoid social media because of all of the politics and rants that happen…but that is usually not the case in my quilt groups. So I have been sticking with my own personal quilt groups that I moderate ect. It’s just sad. I know this too shall pass.

I even had a mean lady friend me on FB…about 10 months ago. She would ask me for help on certain projects every now and again. I would answer her questions ect.  I could tell she was kind of negative on her general posts…but I just scrolled past and ignored it. Well she was so rude to me on several posts….in fact several of my friends got on to defend me because she was so mean. I really don’t think any of it was warranted…and I have been nothing but nice to her and help her with any questions she had….yet she was just nasty to me. Needless to say I deleted her. It’s just sad that I have to do that.

Anyway….All of this to say…Don’t be a dream crusher. Let’s focus on the good things. We are all here to inspire and uplift one another. This journey in life is difficult enough….it’s WAY better to have love & support. I am so thankful that there is only 1% negative in my field and 99% good people. Honestly, thinking about my work and how I have been impacted. It’s amazing!

I have quilted quilts that were buried with loved ones, birthday quilts, graduation quilts, memory quilts, vintage quilts made by great-great grandma. Cancer quilts….How could I not feel honored to be a part of that?I Most of the time I don’t know the people….but I do get to share a snipet of the moment in my heart. I get to bless people with my talent and heart. I find that so amazing and special and beyond what I could have imagined for myself. I have quilted quilts for people all over the country and in several other countries….how could I have imagined that for myself? I am a nobody from no where special …I was just a girl with dream that took a leap of faith. That’s it. If I had listened to a bunch of people telling me how difficult it is and filling my head with a bunch of negative things…maybe I wouldn’t have….where would my life be? I had experienced so much of that as a kid….I have made it my own personal philosophy not to be a dream crusher. You never know who you can inspire to take that leap of faith. All we need is the faith of a mustard seed to move mountains. I cannot wait to see a mountain full of Mustard seeds. I see a book title in my future. LOL

anyway….That’s my two cents for today. I wonder what I will come up with next.

I hope you all have a day filled with dreams…..I dream about things everyday. If I don’t get some alone dream time-> I am pretty grumpy. It’s how I survive the mundane things in life. 🙂

Sweet dreams.

Charisma xoxox

10 thoughts on “Quilting and Quilters~ The 1%

  1. Wonderful post and sentiment, Charisma! I have a family member who consistently crushes her daughters’ dreams and it breaks my heart. Thankfully they’ve gotten encouragement elsewhere to push forward and are pursuing their ideas and learning as they make their way through life. You have a wonderful attitude and a talent to match. Don’t ever let the dream crushers get you down!

  2. Thanks for speaking out and speaking for way more people than you realize. Just keep on keeping on and try to forget the haters. They wear us out. Thanks for your inspirations….quilting and otherwise:)

  3. Well said Charisma, I think you are a wonderful person who would help anyone in need. I totally agree with you. When I get frustrated with some people on social media, I just check out what is important and get off. It is not worth getting myself down. I hope others can see what they do to people when they crush their dreams. I have had it happen to me so I know first hand. I have learned to believe God doesn’t give me anymore than I can handle, it may be very difficult at times but I do get through it. Love you girl, keep up the good work.

  4. You are awesome, You inspire many . Let the nay sayers have their words you need not listen to them . You are a wonderful kind and loving girl. You have been though alot and you come out on the right side Blessing to you Love Pat xxx

  5. Well said:) Sadly, many people who really need to ingest this message won’t realize that they need to do just that. Keep on doing the beautiful work you are already doing, keep on being YOU.

  6. So right about the negatives out there…and they are indeed, dream crushers and heart/joy crushers to boot. Luckily, you’re right about the percentage…so few. But, boy do they make an impression.
    I’m glad you wrote this and I so proud and happy to have you as a friend. You give so much every day. And you make me smile! Love you.

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